Alex Charpentier 50

If you don’t have a passion for health and safety then this is probably not the right career path.  You have to really care about protecting workers and it’s a pretty satisfying feeling knowing if I do my job well I’m helping to prevent injuries to our people or maybe even preventing a death that would have occurred otherwise. You always think you could do more but like every other job you do your best and hope that’s enough. I know it’s a lot different these days but I grew into my career.  I was actually working in the office as a quality control manager when I got told one day I was now the head of the new health and safety department.  That was decades ago.  I enjoyed doing the health and safety stuff and it was me who talked the company into making health and safety a separate division.  Nowadays the young people coming into this business are getting great training in health and safety after high school and they’re coming here with knowledge and skills it took me years to learn.  They are starting out by making health and safety their career focus and not necessarily construction, and that’s a good thing for the industry. Actually, in this job you can never stop learning.