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GIS Assistant

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Digitizes and performs data entry and manipulation to create, maintain and update maps, plots, graphic simulation and manuscript data for use by various agencies, Preliminary data and final produces are checked to ensure quality control of all data entering the system; maintains accurate records and documentation of work. .

Gas Line Installer

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Gas line installers inspect all construction, maintenance, and repair work involving the City’s gas system to ensure that all work conforms to gas industry standards as well as municipal, provincial and federal requirements. They assist in project management, training and certifying other division employees as well as act in a lead capacity in response to […]


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Driller/Blaster’s drill holes, assemble, plant, and detonate explosives to loosen earth, rock, stumps, or to demolish structures to facilitate removal. They examine mass, composition, structure, and location of object to be blasted and determine the kind of explosive to be used marking the location of charge holes for drilling. employed by mining, quarry, construction and […]